The Nostalgic Front Podcast

Fun Size #88 - The NeverEnding Story!

January 24, 2019

In this FUN SIZE episode Ream and Patrick talk about THE NEVERENDING STORY! Today's episode is sponsored by Detroit comedian Sam Rager's new album "Trigger Warning*" which is available on JACKKNIFE COMEDY RECORDS! Get the album on itunes: Visit JACKKNIFE COMEDY RECORDS: Follow Ream on Twitter: Follow Patrick on Twitter: Follow The Nostalgic Front on Twitter: Support our Patreon: Follow The Nostalgic Front on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Buy a Shirt: Follow on Spotify: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts (iTunes): Subscribe on Stitcher: Go listen to all the other shows on the Brain Machine Network! And remember, if you're not an NFer you're an MFer, so get the f*** outta here!