The Nostalgic Front Podcast

Fun Size #46 - Pro Wrestling!

April 5, 2018

In this FUN SIZE episode, Ream and Patrick are joined by past guest John Rosenberger (You'll Have Fun) and talk about PRO WRESTLING! PRO WRESTLING is a form of sports entertainment and performance art which combines athletics with theatrical performance. It takes the form of events, held by touring companies, which mimic a title match combat sport. The unique form of sport portrayed is fundamentally based on classical and "catch" wrestling, with modern additions of striking attacks, strength-based holds and throws and acrobatic maneuvers, much of these derive from the influence of various international martial arts. An additional aspect of combat with improvised weaponry is sometimes included to varying degrees. We talk mostly about WWE/WWF, WCW and ECW. This one rules! Watch it before Wrestlemania!

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