The Nostalgic Front Podcast

Episode 44 - Live At The Countdown Theater With Andrea Allan, David Piccolomini And Gideon Hambright!

March 19, 2018

***This is a VERY SPECIAL episode!*** In our second LIVE episode (recorded on stage at the Countdown Theater in Brooklyn) Ream and Patrick sit down with comedians GIDEON HAMBRIGHT (Jackknife Comedy), DAVID PICCOLOMINI (Tinder Tales) and ANDREA ALLAN (The Hot Mess Comedy Hour) to talk all about SPRING BREAK! We also drink 40s of Iced Tea (that are duct taped to our hands) and have dozens of alcohol free jello shots! This episode is an INSTANT CLASSIC! We cannot wait to have Piccolomini and Andrea back on the show for full episodes and Gideon back on for more Fun Sizes (and maybe another round of Oregon Trail)!

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